Estíbaliz | Spain

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Estíbaliz is a midcareer professional who graduated from Fundación Generation Spain’s Robotic Process Automation program earlier this year. Stories like her attest to the fact that a life-changing career switch is possible for midcareer workers.

While more and more companies acknowledge that women are as valuable and productive members of their workforce as men, even if they decide at some point in their lives to become mothers, this is not always the case. Estíbaliz’s story is a testament to the difficult challenges women around the world face when it comes to reconciling work and family life.

After learning about the RPA program offered by Fundación Generation Spain and Escuela de Organización Industrial, she did not hesitate and applied. Once enrolled in the program, supported by her classmates, which gave her the feeling that she is part of a community, she knew with even more certainty than before joining the program that she must dedicate herself to learning RPA and make the most of this incredible opportunity that she was given. The camaraderie that is organically created during the 3 months long program between the learners is very important since it enables them to see the world from a more positive perspective (i.e. they are not alone in this), and also to develop their interpersonal skills.

Estíbaliz completed the RPA program, which is based on Generation’s methodology focused on both technical and soft skills development, found employment in the technology sector, and got the career restart she was looking for.

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